This department performs engineering functions for the District including system assessment and asset management, planning, modeling, permitting, design development, consultant management, project management, and construction management of new facilities in addition to the improvement of existing facilities, processes, and structures. The goals and objectives of this department are:


  1. Complete the 2015 Water Meter Installation contract.
  2. Design and begin construction of 2016 Water Meter Installation project.
  3. Complete construction of the Diamond Valley Ranch Irrigation Improvement project.
  4. Complete construction of the Luther Pass Pump Station Power and Control project.
  5. Complete construction of the 2015 Fire Hydrant Service Expansion project.
  6. Begin construction of the Primary Clarifier 1 / Aeration Basin 2 Rehabilitation project.
  7. Evaluate the Upper Truckee Marsh Sewer Facilities Adaptive Management project for additional modifications.
  8. Convert a vacuum station to an electric pump station at Fallen Leaf Lake Sewer System.
  9. Continue design of sewer upgrade projects at Fallen Leaf Lake.
  10. Complete alternatives analysis and begin design for WWTP Emergency Generator.
  11. Design and construct access road improvements at Christmas Valley Tank.
  12. Complete alternatives analysis and begin design for Keller-Heavenly Zone improvements.
  13. Begin planning and design for H-Street Booster and Zone improvements.
  14. Complete C-Line Air Relief Valve Replacements in inundated sections of pipe.
  15. Implement Sustainable Groundwater Master Plan as the Groundwater Management Agency.
  16. Continue coordination, design, and system modifications for Caltrans Highway 50 projects.
  17. Coordinate with City and County on various erosion control, paving, and other infrastructure projects.
  18. Complete construction of fire hydrant installations on 4-inch waterlines.
  19. Complete Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan.


Name Role Contact
Shannon CotullaAssistant General Manager/Legislative
John ThielEngineering Department
Julie RyanPrincipal
Steve CaswellSenior
Trevor CoolidgeAssociate
Heidi BaughContracts
Jason BrandWater Meter Installation
Tiffany Racz Junior
Matthew MendozaEngineering Technician
Garth ButzEngineering Technician
James KellyGIS
Brent GoligoskiAsset Management
Star M GlazeContracts Administrator
Ethan MalonzoEngineering Intern -
Martin RahbeckStaff Engineer -