The employees in this department maintain, repair, and replace machinery in the treatment plant, which includes many different types of pumps, conveyor systems, pipe fittings, plumbing, and plant building HVAC. They also assist in water line repair (pipe welding, crane operation), effluent force main repair and replacement, and plant construction projects. They also maintain all buildings and plant grounds, rebuild and maintain sludge de-watering systems (centrifuges and clarifiers), fabricate parts, and provide labor to Alpine County’s Harvey Place Dam and Reservoir.

The goals of this department are:

  1. Continue to maintain all machinery in working order to prevent shutdowns at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  2. Complete plant modification construction projects.
  3. Landscape and maintain plant grounds.
  4. Maintain export lines A, B, and C, and all air reliefs.


Name Role Contact
Jeff LeeManager of Plant
Kyle SchraubenMaintenance
Jay AlsburyMaintenance Mechanical Technologist
Colin DanielMaintenance Mechanical Technologist
Chuck IdellMaintenance Mechanical Technologist
Larry LynchMaintenance Mechanical Technologist
James TomerMaintenance Mechanical Technologist
Terry WeagleyUtility Person