Utility District Guidelines for Securing a Sewer & Water Permit and Payment of Connection Fees

Please make your payment of fees by check to the South Tahoe Public Utility District when you bring your plans for approval. Projects within the city limits will require a City Building Department fire line size approval letter before plans can be reviewed. Residential plans for projects in the County must include fire sprinkler plans designed by a California licensed fire sprinkler designer with the dedicated fire line and fire meter size listed on the plans. Commercial projects in the County must include a Lake Valley Fire Protection District Fire Marshal approval Letter. The break-down of current charges for a typical single family home excluding fire sprinklers or fire hydrant installation, with a ¾” domestic water service line, 1 kitchen, and two toilets are as follows:

Sewer Water
Connection Fee
(MINIMUM - 3 Sewer Units @ $2,745.00.00. unit)
$8,235.00 Capacity Charge $6,833.00
    Administrative Fee $150.00
Sewer Permit Fee $150.00 Connection Fee T&M $5,000.00
Total $8,235.00 Total $11,983.00

The District is now accepting a  10% down payment on capacity fees for new construction at the time of plan review. In addition to the 10% down payment on capacity fees, the administrative fee, the inspection fee and the water time and material charges will be due at the time of plan review. Before a connection to the District’s system can be made, the remaining balance of capacity fees will be due.

*If actual time and material charges are less than $5,000 deposit customer will be refunded difference; if charges are greater than deposit customer will be billed accordingly. As of January 1, 2011, all new construction must have a fire sprinkler system. Fire line installation fees are dependent on the fire line size and will be in addition to the example above.

Each bathroom in excess of two requires additional sewer connection fees totaling $2,745.00 (1 s. unit = $2,745.00)

If the STPUD water main servicing your property is less than 6” in diameter your plans and fire line size letter/form must be submitted to our Engineering Department for review and recommendations before we can stamp your plans. This process can take up to two weeks.

When you pay your fees at our Customer Service Office, please bring the following:

  1. A copy of the recorded grant deed.
  2. All sets of construction plans for stamping. (The District will keep a set of site and floor plans for our files and fire sprinkler plans if your project is in the County.)
  3. All sets of plans must have the total number of water supply fixture units according to the Uniform Plumbing Code and the recommended domestic water line size printed on them.
  4. A check for sewer, water and permit fees.
  5. As of January 1, 2011, all new construction will require a fire sprinkler system.
  6. If your project is new construction within the city limits, bring your Water Application for New Fire Connection Form to Customer Service to be reviewed and approved by STUPD Engineering Staff.
  7. For new construction, remodels, or additions to existing structures in the County, bring your fire sprinkler plansdesigned by a California licensed fire sprinkler designer with the dedicated fire line and fire meter size listed on the plans.
    Office hours for plan review are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Residential and Commercial Capacity Charges Chart

Size Fire Capacity Charge Water Capacity Charge
3/4" $ - $6,833.00
1" $48.00 $11,389.00
1-1/2" $95.00 $22,772.00
2" $152.00 $36,436.00
3" $305.00 $72,872.00
4" $477.00 $113,863.00
6" $953.00 $227,726.00
8" $1,715.00 $409,907.00
10" $2,764.00 $660,405.00
12" $4,098.00 $979,221.00
16" $7,624.00 $1,821,807.00

Requirements for Water Service Hookup