Under the guidance of the General Manager, this department is responsible for the efficient administration of all of the affairs of the District, as provided by all applicable Ordinances, Resolutions, or regulations of the District. The General Manager makes recommendations regarding policy and implements District policy at the direction of the Board of Directors. The areas of responsibility under the General Manager’s domain include: the operation and management of the District, including the supervision and control of all the District’s property; administrative activities; personnel; business and operations, subject to the budgetary guidelines and directives of the Board of Directors. The Administrative staff plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, and provides high quality, effective support for the Board of Directors, the Administrative Office of the General Manager, as well as performs a wide variety of administrative duties for various department managers.

Major goals for 2018/2019 for this department are:

  1. Continue with significant public educational outreach efforts concerning the water meter installation program, Capital Improvement Plan, and infrastructure needs.
  2. Assist the effort to communicate with our customers concerning the establishment of a revised, tiered charge structure for newly metered residences, as well as the rest of the District’s water conservation program as now required by new state mandated water conservation efforts.
  3. Assist in change order/claim negotiations to close out major capital projects.
  4. Continue to pursue grant funds and legislation on the District’s behalf, including reimbursement of utility relocations on erosion control projects, federal funding of the Tahoe Basin water district partnership, state funding of the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWMP) partnership, maximizing District’s use of State Revolving Fund Loans, and maximum use of funding for planning and design of projects from the El Dorado County Water Agency.
  5. Continue to develop/incorporate the strategic planning process into the annual budget process.
  6. Continue implementing a District staff development program.
  7. Adjust budget and expenditures as needed in response to economic situations or special circumstances, such as increasing funding for turf buy back efforts in response to drought.
  8. Assist in obtaining complicated permits from regulatory agencies for District projects involving environmental issues, such as river crossings and/or Stream Environment Zone
    (SEZ) impacts.
  9. Support District's efforts as the designated Groundwater Sustainability Agency in meeting the new State Groundwater Management Mandates.



Name Role Contact
John ThielGeneral Managerjthiel@stpud.dst.ca.us
Melonie GuttryExecutive Services Managermguttry@stpud.dst.ca.us
Marla SharpAdministrative Asst/Asst Clerk of the Boardmsharp@stpud.dst.ca.us