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Customer Service

Customer Service is a department title and it’s also what we do! Greeting our customers and District guests at the front desk, in the field, and over the telephone makes our group the vital “front line.” Our primary responsibility is generating the District’s annual sewer revenue of $15 million and $13.2 million in water revenue through accurate and equitable billings to more than 18,000 customers. We collect and process all payments. All new customers, whether a modest home builder or giant hotel complex, bring their plans to Customer Service for review and approval, and the final inspection is then performed in the field.

The fair and consistent application of District rules and regulations is a full-time commitment of the Customer Service staff. The protection of the collection system through pretreatment, grease management, and careful inspection of existing and new facilities, extends to protect the unique Lake Tahoe environment.

The Customer Service Team communicates information to water customers every day concerning water quality, water conservation, water rates, water meters, and protection of our precious groundwater resources at Lake Tahoe. Our department reads the meters and generates and collects the water bills for more than 14,000 water customers. The inspection of all new water service installations and monitoring of use is part of this department’s responsibility.

Vigorous protection of the community’s water supply from contamination through cross connections is our highest priority. The District Inspectors conduct an aggressive Backflow Protection Program to ensure our water supply is protected.

Each time a developer, contractor, excavator, or homeowner reports to the central USA Alert that there will be digging in the ground, a special report is distributed and a District Inspector is dispatched to mark the water and sewer lines in the area in order to protect our lines from damage.

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