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Field Operations Department

Field Operations consists of four separate departments, Equipment Repair, Underground Repair Sewer, Underground Repair Water, and Water and Sewer Operations "Pumps".

The Equipment Repair Department maintains all of the District's engine driven equipment including vehicles, heavy equipment, generators, and mobile equipment. Engine size ranges from one cylinder gas engines to 16 cylinder, 2400 hp diesel engines.

The Underground Repair Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance of the District's 314 miles of gravity collection lines, 22 miles of force mains 6,556 manholes and 42 sewer pump stations. Besides the normal day to day duties of hydro cleaning, rodding and TV inspection, they also make line repairs and install new sewer laterals.

The Underground Repair Water Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Districts 253 miles of potable water lines. Work includes leak repair, service installation, fire hydrant maintenance and mainline installations. All crew members hold California Department of Health Services Distribution certifications.

The Water and Sewer Field Operations Department operates and maintains 15 drinking water wells, 17 drinking water booster stations, 25 pressure reducing stations, 20 water storage tanks, and 40 sewage pump stations. The entire water system is very complicated and is divided into 28 pressure zones