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Underground Repair – Sewer Department

This department’s function is to maintain the District’s 336 miles of collection lines. This involves preventive maintenance such as regular cleaning and the discovery of inflow and infiltration (I&I). They also deal with stoppages caused by anything from grease to rocks, sticks, etc. They rebuild manholes, lower manholes, install new laterals, T.V. lines, and perform small mainline extensions. The budget is geared for maintenance, repair, and the elimination of I&I, roots, and grease in the collection system. Department goals include:

  1. Reviewing the industry’s latest advances and meeting a Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP) that meets the criteria of the District’s SSMP.
  2. Continue repairs and maintenance in the raising of manholes and continue the cleaning of all collection lines.
  3. Identify and resolve sources of I&I.
  4. Identify and resolve areas of high grease and root intrusion in mainlines and clear overgrown easements.
  5. Continue working with the City, County, and State to repair and replace manholes before street overlay projects begin.
  6. Clearing of easements.
  7. Training of staff to ensure that skill level is consistent throughout the department.
  8. Collection system maintenance certification is required of staff.
  9. Assist at Diamond Valley Ranch as needed or requested.
  10. TV and identify lateral connections for new construction in conjunction with the inspection department.
  11. Continue repairs and TV’ing of “C” Line.