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Underground Repair – Water Department

Three or more crews comprise Underground Repair Water. These crews are responsible for repairing water leaks, installing new main lines, maintaining and repairing fire hydrants, installing and/or repairing valve boxes, installing blow offs on dead-end lines to assist with the state required flushing and valve exercising programs, maintaining and repairing about 400 miles of water and service lines, and installing new services during the building season as time allows. Other duties include help in reviewing and setting up the following year’s water projects, keeping track of asphalt patching, helping with erosion control projects during summer months, assisting contractors on water line projects, snow removal at the plant, pump stations in the area, and Diamond Valley Ranch (DVR), as well as assist with improvements at DVR.

The goals of the department are to continue to work with the fire departments, both City and County, on replacing, repairing, and installing fire lines and fire hydrants; raise or lower water boxes when a street overlay is being done, which creates a cost savings to the District by not having to hire a private contractor to perform this function; and to keep water lines in good repair. Continue working with contractors the District hires to help upgrade the water system. Continue with District and State required staff training to meet the California Department of Health Services certification requirements.