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Water & Sewer Field Operations (“Pumps”) Department

The pump crew is responsible for drinking water quality, production, storage, treatment, and delivery. It operates and maintains wells, booster pump stations, pressure reducing valves, storage tanks, advanced corrosion treatment system, and water treatment equipment. All employees are required to be certified by the California Department of Water Resources.

The pump crew also operates and maintains all sewage pump stations including Fallen Leaf Lake sewer system and Luther Pass Pump Station (LPPS). These sewer stations pump raw sewage to the treatment plant and LPPS pumps recycled water to Harvey Place Reservoir in Alpine County.

The major goal is to pump sewage to the wastewater treatment plant and to prevent sewage spills while doing so. The department continues to improve its preventive maintenance program to accomplish this objective. One or two pump stations are scheduled for modernization every year with new pumps, motors, control systems, and variable frequency drives.

During 2022/2023, the Sewer/Water Operations Departments (in conjunction with the Engineering Department) will apply itself to the below goals:

  1. Pump sewage to the treatment plant and recycled water to Alpine County without spills.
  2. Increase water supply by rehabilitating existing wells or drilling new wells.
  3. Meet existing, new, or proposed drinking water regulations for Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE), radon, arsenic, uranium, or other contaminates.
  4. Improve the reliability of the existing drinking water system through repair, replacement, security, or maintenance. The 2002 Firm Source Capacity Plan and Ten-Year Capital Outlay Plan serve as guides to meet these goals.
  5. Install fencing or cameras for facilities security.
  6. Develop and implement a distribution system operations plan with the Underground Repair Water crew.
  7. Continue to utilize a Sewer System Management Plan with the Underground Repair Sewer crew consistent with the industry’s highest standards.
  8. Increase the department’s use of the computerized maintenance management system and use of asset management principles in the department.
  9. Continue the flushing program consisting of flushing 150 dead-ends at least yearly per the California Department of Water Resources.