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Finance/Accounting Department

Finance is responsible for financial planning, purchasing, warehouse operations, surplus property disposal, grant administration, general accounting functions including accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, and repayment of loan obligations.

The goals and objectives of this department include:

  • Providing financial accountability to the public through accurate financial reporting, budget development and monitoring.
  • Planning for the financial needs of the District by costing out both operational expenses and capital outlay projects into the next ten years. This enables the District to provide its customers with stable sewer and water service rates. Moreover, funding is available for needed infrastructure, thereby ensuring quality sewer and water services to the public.
  • Promoting financial stewardship throughout the District.
  • Assisting employees in purchasing quality materials and services at cost-effective prices while assuring that all applicable government regulations are met and utilizing best purchasing practices.
  • Maintaining a warehouse with the goals of maximizing responsiveness to customers, increasing employee productivity, and reducing costs by purchasing in bulk.
  • Maximizing available grant funds to help offset capital project costs and operational expenses. Important to this end is identifying potential grants, preparing quality grant applications, submitting required documentation, following all grant regulations, and maintaining timely and accurate grant records.

The Mission of the Finance Division is to:

  • Expertly and efficiently safeguard District resources.
  • Maintain accountability and equity to the public, their elected officials and District personnel by providing accurate and clear financial statements and records.
  • Oversee development and implementation of a responsible financial plan to ensure resources are always available.
  • Process all financial transactions in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provide and encourage cost-effective technological solutions.
  • Strive to communicate and cooperate with all departments to ensure a high level of support while maintaining a positive attitude.