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Information Technology Department

The Information Technology (IT) Department provides expert, prompt and courteous hardware and software support, local and wide area network services, training, and telephone system support throughout the District and its service area to enable efficient use of data as an asset. The Department stays current on new technology trends and applications and evaluates the possible value to the District. The Department supports a wide variety of technologies including wired and wireless network infrastructure, server and client computers, telephones, utility billing and financial applications, the District’s website and both physical and virtual security systems. During the past year, the Department has upgraded the District’s storage area network, updated phone system, and improved the reliability and resiliency of the server and network infrastructures. Additional projects included submitting for and being awarded the Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC) Excellence in Technology Practices Award for 2021, provided training opportunities for in-house staff, launched an in-house forms portal to digitize standard paper forms and manual processes, supported the launch of WaterSmart (customer portal) and Sensus Analytics for the District’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure, collaborated with District Engineers and contractors to develop a future field communications plan to support better data analytics to optimize pump, tank, and other field equipment and processes, assisted with the replacement, training and support of the Districts new sewer camera truck software and hardware, supported field staff with remote access technologies and upgraded our network and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) infrastructures in preparation of secure remote access to the SCADA application and other resources for field crews.

The goals for this department are:

  1. Continue support for integration efforts with other databases, training, and report writing with Tyler New World
  2. Complete upgrade of phone system
  3. Be awarded the MISAC Excellence in Technology Practices Award
  4. Perform a network security audit
  5. Develop our disaster recovery site with a more reliable power solution and hardware
  6. Establish relationships with IT colleagues in the area
  7. Continue “Food 4 Thought” training opportunities for in-house staff
  8. Continue to design and develop field wide-area wireless network
  9. Deploy a secure remote access technology to enable field crews to access SCADA away from the plant
  10. Continue to deploy mobile technology to enable field crews
  11. Provide IT Staff with training opportunities to keep their skill-set current
  12. Provide technical support for the District’s GIS and Asset Management systems
  13. Continue to develop electronic forms and workflows to replace common paper forms
  14. Continue development of automated and on-demand reports using SQL Server Reporting Services
  15. Research and implement another five year, IT Strategic Plan

Enterprise Systems Catalog (SB272)