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Public Affairs and Conservation

The Public Affairs and Water Conservation Department is responsible for overseeing the development, management, and implementation of programs that communicate, promote, and market the District, as well as managing the District’s multifaceted water conservation program. This department is responsible for the oversight and collaboration of public affairs, community education and outreach, media relations, and represents the District at meetings and events. It also manages the water conservation program, offering a wide array of rebates and services to increase water savings in South Lake Tahoe.

Major goals in 2019/2020 for this department are:

  1. Develop a strategic communication plan to identify and prioritize key messages, update outreach material for consistency, and develop metrics to evaluate success at reaching customers.
  2. Utilize traditional media to inform customers and expand to include social media and targeted messaging using WaterSmart.
  3. Identify opportunities to improve internal communication to improve efficiencies.
  4. Build community partnerships and attend/present at community events.
  5. Work with South Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition to host annual hands-on, place-based environmental education programs.
  6. Implement water conservation rebates, services, and mandatory watering days to increase water efficiency throughout the District’s service area.
  7. Implement a data driven approach to expand the water conservation program and increase water savings.
  8. Create a demonstration garden at the District with supplemental educational materials.
  9. Continually anticipate and meet state mandates pertaining to water use, conservation, and internal loss