The District’s Water Reuse Department manages the recycled water that the District is required to export out of the Tahoe Basin to its facilities in Alpine County. The department oversees the operational safety of the District’s recycled water storage reservoir, as well as the conveyance system used to distribute the recycled water to end users for agricultural irrigation purposes. The department also manages an extensive fresh water distribution associated with Alpine County’s Indian Creek Reservoir and the District’s Diamond Valley Ranch.

Where Does Wastewater Go (August, 2018) Shelly Thomsen - Public Affairs and Conservation Manager


Name Role Contact
Jim HiltonWater Reuse Operations
Antony SchinzingWater Reuse
Jason GlazeWater Reuse Lead
Anthony GregorichWater Reuse
Diamond Valley Ranch House
Harvey Place Reservoir

Diamond Valley Ranch House

Harvey Place Reservoir

C-Line Export creek
Pivot rig with mountains

C-Line Export Creek

Pivot Rig