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Rate Changes

The District’s complex water, sewer, and recycled water systems need ongoing maintenance, replacement and improvements. Additional funds are required to repair and replace 50-90 year old water and sewer pipes to avoid emergency projects and prepare for the next wildfire. By investing in our system today, we will lower long-term costs, protect the environment, and ensure long-term, quality service.

At the May 18 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors adopted new water and sewer rates that go into effect July 1, 2023. These rate increases are needed to fund the water and sewer pipeline replacement program and help to keep up with increasing construction costs.

The District continues to actively pursue grant funding. Over the last 10 years the District has received more than $16 million in grant revenue and $64 million in low-interest loans to help offset rate increases. By successfully securing grant funding and operating efficiently, the District continues to have the lowest water and sewer rates in our region.

For more information on what projects the proposed rate increases will fund, visit LINK.

Adopted Rate Increases for Typical Residential Customer

Rates below reflect a monthly charge for a typical residential customer. The adopted rates go into effect July 1, 2023.

Monthly Charge
Typical Residential Customer Current Adopted
Sewer (based on 3 sewer units) $48.03 $52.59
Water (based on 6,485 gallons/month $65.11 $71.27

Adopted Water Rates

Water customers are either charged a Metered Rate (Base Rate + Consumption) or a Non-Metered Flat Rate. A typical metered rate residential customer has a 3/4” meter and uses 8.6 CCF (hundred cubic feet) per month. The adopted rates go into effect July 1, 2023 (FY23/24). Rates below reflect a monthly charge.

Adopted Water Rates (Effective July 1, 2023)
Monthly Base Rate 2022/23 2023/24
3/4 inch connection $50.20 $54.97
1 inch connection $83.79 $91.75
1 1/2 inch connection $167.12 $183.00
2 inch connection $267.48 $292.89
3 inch connection $501.87 $549.55
4 inch connection $836.58 $916.06
6 inch connection $1672.61 $1831.51
8 inch connection $2676.31 $2930.56
10 inch connection $3847.59 $4213.11
Consumption Rate ($/CCF*)  
Single Family Tier 1 $1.72 $1.88
Single Family Tier 2 $2.62 $2.87
Multi Family $1.71 $1.87
Commercial $1.77 $1.94
Non-Metered ($/Month)
Single Dwelling Unit $63.65 $69.70
Duplex $105.70 $115.74
Triplex $143.60 $157.24
Fourplex $185.78 $203.43
Each additional unit $31.13 $34.09
Business Establishment 3/4 Inch Connection $92.16 $100.92
Business Establishment 1 Inch Connection $139.03 $152.24
*100 Cubic Feet (CCF) = 748 Gallons

Adopted Sewer Rates

Sewer customers are charged based on the number of sewer units. A typical residential customer with a kitchen and two bathrooms has 3 sewer units. The adopted rates go into effect July 1, 2023 (FY23/24).  Rates below reflect a monthly charge per sewer unit.

Adopted Sewer Rates (Effective July 1, 2023)
Monthly Sewer Rate ($/Billing Unit/Month) 2022/23 2023/24
Single Family Dwelling $16.01 $17.53
Multi Family Residences $15.46 $16.93
Hotels/Motels/Timeshares $15.20 $16.64
Trailer/Mobile Home Parks & Campgrounds $15.18 $16.62
Non-Residential $16.01 $17.53

Customer Assistance Programs

The District offers a Customer Assistance Program for qualifying low-income residential customers and a Helping Hands Program for emergency assistance. Click here to find out more and apply.