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Water Meter Installation Project


Why are water meters being installed? In short, it is the law. In 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 2572 that became Chapter 884 of the California Code, requiring all services to be billed at a metered rate, so that water bills reflect water consumption.

The District’s Water Meter Project consists of the installation of residential and some commercial water meters on existing water service connections located throughout the District’s service area, within El Dorado County and the City of South Lake Tahoe, California. The water meters are being installed for all water customers as required by California State Law. The Project does not include meter installations to vacant properties or to properties that already have a meter. Since 1992, the District has required that all newly constructed homes have a water meter installed as part of their initial water service connection.

In 2010, the District began one of the most significant capital improvement projects in its history: Install water meters on more than 80% of the District water service connections and transition customers to a metered rate, as required by State law.This is no easy task. With the District’s aging infrastructure, many of these installations also include relocating leaky water mains. Despite these challenges, the District has made steady progress over the past several years with both installing meters and securing outside funding to help accelerate the program and minimize the financial burden on our customers.


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If you currently have a water meter, or have recently had a water meter installed, please feel free to call the District's Water Conservation Specialist, to schedule a Water Wise House Call to help determine your current water use and how you can manage your water use to save yourself money in the future. The Water Conservation Specialist can be reached at (530) 543-6268.


Questions/Problems/Comments ~ Call our Water Meter Installation Project Coordinator, Jason Brand at (530) 544-6474 ext. 6260

If you are unable to reach our Project Coordinator or have urgent issues, such as a blocked driveway or overnight water outages, please contact our customer service at (530) 544-6474.

August 2018
Shelly Thomsen
Water Meter Installation