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It is also the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to sell or dispose of the District's surplus equipment. Surplus is defined as usable equipment which is no longer needed or which is uneconomical to maintain for the District. Every surplus item with an estimated value of $1,000 or more requires authorization for its sale/disposal method from the District's Board of Directors. The Purchasing Agent sells or disposes of other items with the Chief Financial Officer's approval. Costs and returns are considered in determining the best method for sale or disposal; and manufacturer restocking, trade-in, reseller quotes, specialty sales, and donations* are considered along with public sales. The District does not sell its surplus to employees unless the employees are the highest bidders at advertised public sales.

Currently, most vehicles and large equipment are sold at public auction by TNT, a professional commercial auctioneer firm. For further information about TNT see their web site at TNT. Smaller or more specialized equipment may be sold on the Public Surplus website.

*The Board of Directors has authorized a donation program for surplus items that have in the past received only nominal returns (defined as $200 or less). Donations may be made to public or government agencies in the State of California, and civic, community, or non-profit organizations in the Tahoe Basin or Alpine County. Other donations may be considered when a public purpose is served within the District's jurisdiction. If you would like to register your group/agency for the District's donation program, complete the Request for Surplus Equipment form. Currently, most surplus computers are donated.