Account Clerk I

Approved SPUD:NH
Approved LOCAL 39:CS

Job Summary

Under general supervision of the Accounting Technician and/or Accounting Manager, performs a variety of accounting functions. This is the entry-level class within the Account Clerk series. Incumbents may advance to a higher-level class after gaining experience and demonstrating proficiency in the cross training program of Account Clerk II duties for a period of one year.

Job Physical Requirements Analysis

Job Specific Body Movements Occasionally
1/3 of time or less
1/3 – 2/3 of time
More than 2/3 of time
Sitting  90% of day
Standing10% of day  
Walking10% of day  
Driving1% of day  
Hearing  100% of day
Speaking 50% of day 
Lifting 1-20 lbsX  
Lifting 20-50 lbsN/A  
Lifting 50+ lbsN/A  
Working/reaching above shoulderX  
Working w/arms extended @ shoulder levelX  
Working with body bent over at waistX  
Working in kneeling positionX  
Climbing stairsX  
Climbing ladderN/A  
Major HandX  
Fine Manipulation X 
Typing/Keyboard  X
Writing  X
Simple Grasping X 
Filing X 
Power GripX  
Equipment X 
Hand Twisting X 
Folding X 

Height from Floor of Objects to Be Reached or Worked On:

Object Height
ShelvesUp to 6 feet

Equipment Used

Hand-held and electric stapler, 10-key calculator, personal computer scanner, copy machine, postage machine, laser printer, and telephone.

Working Conditions

Office environment with fluorescent lighting and computer screen. Predominant environment is that of an indoor office with some exposure to chemical and wastewater odors.