Administrative Assistant

Approved STPUD:NH
Approved LOCAL 39:CS

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Executive Services Manager, performs a wide variety of complex, specialized and technical office support, administrative and secretarial/clerical duties.

Job Physical Requirements Analysis

Job Specific Body Movements Occasionally
1/3 of time or less
1/3 – 2/3 of time
More than 2/3 of time
Sitting 60% of day 
Standing30% of day  
Walking10% of day  
Driving1% of day  
Hearing  100% of day
Speaking  100% of day
Lifting 1-20 lbs X 
Lifting 20-50 lbsX  
Lifting 50+ lbsN/A  
Working/reaching above shoulderX  
Working w/arms extended @ shoulder levelX  
Working with body bent over at waistX  
Working in kneeling positionX  
Climbing stairs X 
Climbing ladderN/A  
Major HandX  
Fine Manipulation  X
Typing/Keyboard  X
Writing X 
Simple Grasping X 
Filing X 
Power GripX  
Hand TwistingX  
Folding X 

Height from Floor of Objects to Be Reached or Worked On:

Object Height
DeskApprox 3 ½’
Supplies2-9 feet
Files1-5 feet

Equipment Used

Electric typewriter, personal computer, copy machine, fax machine, microfilm/microfiche reader, laserfiche document management system, calculator, binder, dictation equipment, recording equipment, heavy-duty stapler, postage machine and scale, and telephone. If requested, may use personal automobile for District errands.

Working Conditions

Functions are performed in an office atmosphere; moderate noise levels. There are some chemical odors and potential for toxic chemical exposure. The job may also involve the ability to operate a car and carry items (sometimes heavy) back and forth to meeting locations upon request.