Electrical/Instrumentation Technician II

Approved STPUD:NH
Approved LOCAL 39:CS

Job Summary

Under supervision of the Electrical supervisor, the Electrical/Instrumentation Technician II must, where applicable, calibrate, program, maintain, repair, or install the following: conduit, conductors, over-current devices, protective devices, capacitors, power transformers, potential transformers, current transformers and distribution equipment up to 15,000 VAC, motor control centers and motors up to 4160 VAC, Variable Frequency Drives, power and control circuits, stand-by generators and power plant operations, lighting systems, metering and micro-processor recording instruments, controlling apparatus, data logging, display equipment, chemical injection pumps, sensor devices for flow pressure, temperature; pH, Turbidity, and residual valves, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA), Remote Transmitting Units (RTU), Field Interface Units (FIU) Wonderware Software for the Man Machine Interface (MMI) for Plant and Field SCADA control and monitoring

Job Physical Requirements Analysis

Job Specific Body Movements Occasionally
1/3 of time or less
1/3 – 2/3 of time
More than 2/3 of time
Sitting10% of day  
Standing 45% of day 
Walking 45% of day 
Driving5% of day  
Hearing  100% of day
Speaking  100% of day
Lifting 1-20 lbs X 
Lifting 20-50 lbs X 
Lifting 50+ lbsX  
Working/reaching above shoulder X 
Working w/arms extended @ shoulder level X 
Working with body bent over at waist X 
Working in kneeling positionX  
Climbing stairs X 
Climbing ladder X 
Major Hand X 
Pulling X 
Pushing X 
Fine Manipulation X 
Simple GraspingX  
Power Grip X 
Tools X 
Equipment X 
Hand Twisting X 

Height from Floor of Objects to Be Reached or Worked On:

Object Height
Lighting8-20 feet
Power Panels5-6 feet
Motors, conduit boxes, etc.1-20 feet

Equipment Used

Hand tools such as screwdrivers, side cutters, diagonal cutters, slip pliers, spin tites, and wrenches of all types. Power tools such as drill motors up to ½ inch, pipe cutters, pipe threaders, pipe benders, and metal saws. Test equipment such as volt-OHM meters, ampere meters, current generators, oscilloscopes, meggers, computers, and other specialized electronic test equipment. Use of motorized man lift to work at heights in excess of 40 feet (Certification on equipment is required before use).

Working Conditions

Indoors, outdoors, summer and winter. Exposure to unpleasant odors, chemicals, and noisy equipment. Environment is in both the water and sewer systems.