Land Application Lead Person

Department:Land Application
Approved STPUD:NH
Approved LOCAL 39:CS

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Land Application Manager, the Land Application Lead Person provides job site direction for Land Application employees and other District crews working at the District’s Alpine County Land Application facilities. Performs a variety of construction, maintenance, and repair work, and related tasks. Trains less experienced workers, completes work orders and inventory reports, and performs other Land Application duties as required to complete assigned job efficiently.

Job Physical Requirements Analysis

Job Specific Body Movements Occasionally
1/3 of time or less
1/3 – 2/3 of time
More than 2/3 of time
Sitting20% of day  
Standing  70% of day
Walking 30% of day 
Driving20% of day  
Hearing  100% of day
Speaking  100% of day
Lifting 1-20 lbs X 
Lifting 20-50 lbs X 
Lifting 50+ lbs X 
Working/reaching above shoulderX  
Working w/arms extended @ shoulder level X 
Working with body bent over at waist X 
Working in kneeling position X 
Climbing stairsX  
Climbing ladderX  
Major Hand X 
Pulling X 
Pushing X 
Fine ManipulationX  
Simple Grasping  X
Power Grip X 
Tools X 
Equipment X 
Hand Twisting X 

Height from Floor of Objects to Be Reached or Worked On:

Object Height
Tools/Parts4 feet

Equipment Used

Air compressors, jackhammers, wackers, saws, and various air tools; forklifts, backhoes, loaders, excavators, cranes, tractors, hydro, water trucks, vacuum trucks, sweeper, mowers, graders, snow removal equipment, heavy trucks and other related equipment, including larger class excavators and bulldozers.

Working Conditions

Most work performed outdoors with heat and sun exposure, storms, snow, rain and ice. Exposure to wet and muddy conditions. Exposure to various plant materials that may affect allergies. Exposure to CO 2 gases and various chemicals such as chlorine or other chemicals used in the disinfection and treatment of water, depending on job assignment. Uses chemicals which may be listed under MSDS as requiring the proper protective equipment for safe use.