Water Reuse Manager

Department:Land Application-Alpine County
Approved STPUD:RHS
Approved MGMT GRP:PS

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of the Assistant General Manager/Engineer, the Water Reuse Manager is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the District’s recycled water facilities in Alpine County, California. Manages and maintains the fresh water recreational fishery, , the recycled water storage reservoir, and the District’s Diamond Valley Ranch property, as well as performing liaison functions with affected parties, participating in professional associations, performing legislative advocacy in reference to recycled water, and performing administrative work and related duties as required.

Job Physical Requirements Analysis

Job Specific Body Movements Occasionally
1/3 of time or less
1/3 – 2/3 of time
More than 2/3 of time
Sitting10% of day  
Standing20% of day  
Walking 40% of day 
Driving30% of day  
Hearing15% of day  
Speaking15% of day  
Lifting 1-20 lbs X 
Lifting 20-50 lbs X 
Lifting 50+ lbsX  
Working/reaching above shoulderX  
Working w/arms extended @ shoulder level X 
Working with body bent over at waist X 
Working in kneeling positionX  
Climbing stairsX  
Climbing ladderX  
Major Hand X 
Pulling X 
Pushing X 
Fine ManipulationX  
Simple Grasping X 
Power GripX  
Hand Twisting X 

Height from Floor of Objects to Be Reached or Worked On:

Object Height
Valves6 feet
Gate Operators4 feet

Equipment Used

All tools and equipment used in the maintenance and operation of reservoirs, canals, irrigation systems and ranch operations, including excavators, backhoes, tractors, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. In addition uses hand tools needed in the repairs of fencing, valves, flumes and flow metering devices.

Working Conditions

Work is performed both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather. Exposure to recycled water and chlorine odors. Performs most work above ground; with occasional work in confined spaces (below-ground and concrete vaults). Works around various chemicals in the maintenance of reservoirs and ranch lands.