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Rebates and Services

Water Conservation Rebates and Services

Let South Tahoe Public Utility District help you save water and money. The District offers a range of free services and rebate programs to help you become water smart.


  • Toilet – Up to $100 rebate for replacing your pre-1992 toilet with a new 1.28 gallon per flush model.
  • Clothes Washer – Receive up to $200 for installing a new ENERGY STAR labeled clothes washer. Refer to this list to view qualifying washing machines.
  • Turf Buy Back Program (Water Customers Only) – Rebate of $1.50 per square foot up to $2,000 for residential and $4,000 for non-residential properties to replace turf with water-efficient landscaping. Pre-Conversion site visit required.
  • Irrigation Equipment (Water Customers Only) – Up to $400 rebate to upgrade your irrigation system to high water efficiency. Pre-Conversion site visit required.
  • Commercial Rebates – Toilet, Clothes Washer and educational materials and templates available for restaurants, hotel/motels, laundromats and others to promote water conservation.
  • Leak Repair Rebates offer up to $500 for having a verified water leak repaired by a licensed contractor, excavator or plumber.


  • Water Wise House Call – Free site visit to check for leaks and install water efficient fixtures.
  • Water Wise Landscape Consultation – Free site visit to identify ways to make your landscape and irrigation system more water efficient.