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Doing Business

If you would like to do business with the District, introduce yourself by submitting company contact information and an explanation of your business specialty to the Purchasing Department. You may choose the format which you prefer - send a line card, catalog, or letter, and/or contact the District's Purchasing Agent by phone, in person, or email. One simple way to introduce and register your company is to complete and submit the District's Vendor Application Form.

Opportunities to quote prices for inventory items are available by asking. (Inventories of plumbing supplies, shop supplies, small tools, safety equipment, and office supplies are kept on hand.) For less common purchases, every attempt is made to match previously-introduced vendors to current District needs. While the District recognizes your time and literature as a very valuable resource, it can make no guarantees that your company will be contacted.

If your firm requires additional information to add the District as a customer, request our prepared Credit Application Form.

District's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Formal Bids and RFP's

Formal bids are solicited by either the Purchasing Department or the Engineering Department. To see a list of currently advertised bids and recently evaluated or awarded bids, see the Purchasing Bids section. For RFP's click here, for Construction Projects click here.